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                                 "It's people that buy, not businesses.
It's people that put in the extra effort, not time sheets.
                 It's people that lead and inspire, not corner offices.
If you don't get the people part right in your business, the business will fail

- Ashleigh Miller

Amplify Excellence, Ashleigh Miller, CEO, Founder, Owner

Ashleigh Miller

By the time I created Amplify Excellence, I already had over 20 years of experience working for large professional service organizations including EY and Accenture. After serving in a wide variety of capacities, it occurred to me that the success (or lack thereof) in every business function, relied heavily on interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence.

All aspects of successful businesses stem from motivating, optimizing and empathizing with people. This is where I come in; I use my years of business experience and emotional intelligence to coach executives in a manner that elevates their leadership style, which in turn, makes everyone in the organization feel valued, motivated and productive. 

Not only do I come with a high emotional intelligence, I've worked with C-suite executives of Fortune 100 companies and am well versed in business strategy and operation. It's time we understand how the human element plays such a vital role in the strategy of a successful organization.

"Ashleigh was instrumental in teaching our future leaders skills that will massively help them in the client engagement and new business development process.  What was most interesting about her curriculum was the focus on behavior styles, and how to observe feedback and adjust communication accordingly.  Ashleigh is a key advisor to Apple Growth Partners and I highly recommend her counsel for any company wanting to take internal or external communications and strategy to a much higher level."

Charles Mullen

CEO | Apple Growth Partners

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