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Amplify Excellence uses science-backed tools to get executives and teams energized, motivated and excited to reach their goals and grow. Great leaders are aware of their capabilities and their blind spots, and they continuously develop themselves to maximize the former and minimize the latter.

Services I Offer

Leadership Team Coaching, Amplify Excellence, Ashleigh Miller

One-on-One Executive Coaching

Effective leadership can be challenging when you're juggling your workload AND  have people to manage. It can be frustrating to see conflicts arise that create a toxic environment impeding your progress.

Coaching is a great way to recognize your potential and inspire you accordingly.

Here's how I help:

  • We meet weekly or every other week, based on your preference. 


  • We establish your goals and what you're trying to accomplish, fix or avoid.

  • I use effective, science-based, assessments or conduct 360 feedback reviews to set the foundation, where appropriate.

  • We identify where there may be impediments in your progression and move you forward to avoid the side-steps and pitfalls that zap your energy, time and productivity.


  • Each time we meet we focus on your forward momentum to quickly remove barriers to your success.


  • We continuously and energetically set goals and achieve them.  

Executives Hire Me To:

  • Gain Leadership Self-Awareness 

  • Manage Teams Successfully

  • Establish the Right People in the Right Roles

  • Set Strategic Vision with Enthusiasm

  • Drive Cultural Change

  • Reduce Conflict

  • Mitigate Difficult Conversations

  • Navigate Change Management Effectively

  • Clarify, Set and Achieve Goals

  • Achieve their Development Objectives

  • Act as a Sounding Board

One-on-One Executive Coaching, Amplify Excellence, Ashleigh Miller

Executive Team Coaching

Are your teams moving in the same direction? Working with different behavioral and cognitive styles can be difficult when accomplishing objectives. 

When teams better understand their unique strengths and potential pitfalls, the power of teaming comes to life.

Here's how I help:

  • I collaborate with you to understand your strategic objectives and goals.


  • I meet with individual team members to understand their behavioral norms through various assessments and discussions.


  • After understanding the team goals and dynamics I customize an approach to catapult your team to alignment, higher morale, interconnectivity and productivity.


  • I evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of team members as it relates to their roles and responsibilities.


  • If appropriate, I conduct team workshops on topics identified as areas of concern.  We will work together as a team to find deeper understanding of particular issues. 


  • I then work with team members individually to help apply new concepts and solve for problem areas. 


  • We repeat this process throughout our engagement together.

Clients Work With Me To:

  • Build Team Morale

  • Increase Team Productivity

  • Boost Employee Engagement

  • Develop a Shared Vision

  • Increase Talent Retention

  • Augment Leadership Skills

  • Demystify the Selling Process

  • Develop Strong, Strategic Relationships That Lead to New Business

  • Improve Brand Recognition

  • Increase Client Retention

Social Style Certfication TRACOM, Ashleigh Miller, Amplify Excellence

Certified in TRACOM Social Styles and Predictive Index Talent Optimization

Predictive Index Certification, Amplify Excellence, Ashleigh Miller

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